Palazzo Navona Hotel

Palazzo Navona Hotel

Palazzo Navona Hotel





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Looking for a place where to feelat home among the many hotels in Rome center? An arrangement in which you can truly feel a guest and not just a customer? The Palazzo Navona Hotel, member of the Mood Hotels Group, is certainly the right solution for you: thanks to its superb location in the heart of the capital and the strong attention to everyone who stays with us, you will experience a stay in the eternal city that you will hardly be able to forget. 

How many hotels in Rome center will be able to satisfy your need for comfort and relaxation? How many will welcome you with all the dedication and passion that Mood Hotels devotes to its guests? In short, in which hotels in Rome city center you could feel home? Perhaps the Palazzo Navona Hotel is not the only one, but it is certainly a choice that will satisfy you from the moment of booking until the end of your stay. 

Select now the dates that are better for your trip to the eternal city and check the availability of the Palazzo Navona Hotel: in the center of Rome a hotel that will soon become your italian home!

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