Palazzo Navona Hotel

Palazzo Navona Hotel

Palazzo Navona Hotel





Hotel de Charme Rome

Located just a few steps from the Pantheon and from the famous square from which it takes its name, the Palazzo Navona Hotel is ready to offer you a dream experience in the heart of the capital; if seen from our hotel de charme, Rome center will give you indelibly memories and suggestions that will live as a reference point for all your future visit to the Eternal City. 

In the imagination of the Mood Hotels Group, every nuance of your stay must be in line with the highest expectations of someone who chooses to stay in a hotel de charme: Rome center can in fact sometimes appear too fast and hectic to be lived in maximum relaxation and it is for this reason that the Palazzo Navona Hotel has been imagined as a sleek envelope where enjoying an intimate and rejuvenating rest. 

Book now a room in our hotel de charme: Rome center will become for you an environment in which to spend unforgettable moments of absolute relaxation and the Palazzo Navona Hotel will become the best extensions of your own house. Rarely spend time outside of your own home has been equally fascinating.

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