Palazzo Navona Hotel

Palazzo Navona Hotel

Palazzo Navona Hotel





Luxury and elegance close to Piazza Navona

Are you travelling to Rome and looking for a 4 Star hotel close to Piazza Navona? The Palazzo Navona Hotel which is part of the Mood group awaits you at Largo della Sapienza and will provide you with an exclusive stay in real comfort with elegant surroundings and designer décor and a feeling of well-being.

From the hotel, you can move around the city easily on your voyage of discovery around Rome and you can uncover all the treasures and secrets that the city centre has in store for you.   
Within a few minutes’ walk of the hotel, you will reach the majestic Piazza Navona with its fountains, its imposing statues its beautiful art and architecture.  Here you will find how Art has found its home in the Eternal City and how still today this is one of the most popular squares with artists, painters, designers and sculptors.   

And, also from the Palazzo Navona Hotel, you can discover the whole of the rest of the city and all the other treasures that Rome jealously guards.  First of all, right next to the hotel, you will find the Pantheon with its dome open to the sky which reveals the beauty of the Roman skies and tells part of the city’s story.   
So, don’t hesitate: book here for your 4 Star hotel in the centre of Rome and immerse yourself in an exclusive atmosphere of comfort, elegance, well-being and design.


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